Slavery and the art of Culture

I don’t believe that most United States citizens are aware or fully appreciate the magnitude of the slave trade in America. As an American Indian, I am ashamed that my early education never fully addressed the history of America’s original people.

I would never think to ask a Jew or African American to forget the tragic history of the holocaust, or of slavery, or of discrimination in this great nation of ours. Before the importation of Africans, America imposed slavery on North America’s Native people costing hundreds of thousands of lives to American’s first people.

As a member of a minority race I know it takes emotional energy to remember events such as these.

As a member of a minority race I know it takes an effort to learn about these historical occurrences.

As a member of a minority race I am aware that it takes time to begin to appreciate what our, not so distant, ancestors must have had to endure.

All citizens of the United States are a part of a growing nation of greatness, however, we are burdened with the tragedies and faults of our nation’s history. Let us hope and pray that we, as a so called “civilized” nation can make the effort to remember and embrace the loss of the people, the culture, and the spirit of those that were forced to die unspeakable deaths in the name of greed and ignorance.

Let us not forget from where we came. Let us sink our roots deeply into the blood stained ancient soils of this great land to rise to become a more dignified and compassionate nation of people. Let us not forget our past. Copyright 2013, Mitch Battese


One comment on “Slavery and the art of Culture

  1. I agree with you wholeheartedly, and tell my children stories of different events in history, like the Trail of Tears, and excerpts from the Miami History to keep it alive for them. I strive through the help of Creator to being shamanism forward in time, as the rainbow people are starving for help and guidance. Being a ‘mutt’ makes it difficult to get ‘cred’, but I hope my work will speak for itself in time. I enjoy your blog. Be blessed, FE

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