On the way to Sundance

As a young boy, I remember well our family trips to the city to get groceries and other supplies. Sitting behind my dad and mother with brothers and sisters was so much fun – we talked and laughed and wrestled one another for the window seat.

When our family left the Indian reservation to go into town, we kids would get excited to see the red cherry flashing of a state trooper following us. I also remember well, my dad and mom standing by while the trooper searched our car – I didn’t then know why we had to stop along side the street.

And now my eyes, though not as keen as when I was young, can see so clear that dad and mom would try so hard to hide the prejudice from us. So proud and reassuring mom would say, “Everything will be okay.”

Last year, while on a religious retreat, I was stopped and questioned in almost the exact same spot where I sat in the back seat with my brothers and sisters and behind my mom and dad – and, like the olden times, the trooper still found nothing on that day.

Everything will be okay.

Copyright 2013, Mitch Battese


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