Fire suet and ash

I listen once or just a while
a simple sound –
yet gives a baby life
to breathe and play and smile

So quiet now –
for I can faintly hear –
the beating of a heart
inside my child –
that I should find myself so overcome with fear

I place my finger in his palm
and beam –

The greatest gift I could receive
looks back at me –
so innocent that
not a simple sound could be –
so strong that all my worries and my fears
take leave

And with your little hand in mine I listen to your heart
and wonder so –
how can a tiny sound
bring joy
to cause my thoughts to never fade

When long ago
a lifetime then my son was born
and taken from my arms with scorn –
I never once forgot –
the joy and happiness you brought

Now years have traveled by –
the flame within his eyes now fade –
but in my own but weakened heart –
the passion beats –
the fire in my eyes now dim –
and all that’s left
is charred and suet and ash

Copyright 2013, Mitch Battese


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