The ebb & flow of life and love

Upon the earth and sky she warms my back –
her freshness fills my chest
with pungent scents that travels from afar

So weak and calm and playful though –
and in a turn –
she has a mournful howl that can move the earth to cry

She bends and falls a forest to the ground
before her tempest –
and the waters spray and froth and foam

She has a bite
that leaves my face so parched and red –
her tease can leave me want for more
she sings me into tears

And then she comes to
tempt my soul
taunts me with the
fragrance of
the rotted earth
when night is black as coal

The autumn leaves
that twirl about –
they hide and play
rejoicing in the freedom
that she beckons
as they race across the campgrounds of a thousand years

She rips the clouds apart
and brings the rains and snows and yet –
the wind I call my friend

Copyright 2013, Mitch Battese


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