Ghosts to haunt my memory


Wind so howling
past my
cracked and broken windowpane,

I rested somberly
and drifted off to sleep,

see the lovely fields of prairie grass beneath my feet –

to smell the black and fertile loam

the place that once I called my home.

Then came the first
of dreams that
still today
will haunt my nights and days as well,

of people long past knowing me
and I of them
in such a way that I could be so curious.

I drifted off to doze but only for a while,

and then
once more
it came to mind
a long and lonely thought
that stirred my sleepy memory.

was I
that simple times could come to past

and yet could be so glum  –

and in that haze –
that foggy mist
we call the night –

would come to me
a friend
that still
could bring so much
of happiness and glee.

I could not wait
and back to sleep I fell to chase the memory.

All through my sleep and into dawn
when finally break the night,

then smiled did I at knowing that –

lost within the darkness of my mind –
are past remembered times
that come to me

that haunt my night.

(copyright 2013, Mitch Battese)


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