Breathless – A very short story


Dawn stood, her breathing now more difficult as she tried to see the face that was so deeply hidden inside the shadows. Then she felt an overwhelming fear that quickly turned to panic. Her body was immobilized, and she was standing upright. She tried to stop the tears, and then the rage came forth. For the first time in her life, Dawn shoved the man’s hand away.

Angered and frustrated, the man grabbed Dawn’s arm and threw her down. Dawn rolled under the gate of a horse stall. She got up and desperately tried to escape by climbing over the stall, but the man caught her. His powerful grip hurt her arm, and Dawn cried out and tried to scream. The man pushed her to the wall, and Dawn lost her breath. Then the scuffle broke out and Dawn found herself fighting and kicking the monster. She clawed and scratched at the strong man until finally her finger caught the corner of his eye, and he shouted for her to stop fighting. The cigarette flew from his mouth and fell to the ground. The brittle straw ignited into flames, and in an instant the barn began to fill with smoke.

Then the young girl turned and grabbed the pitchfork from the wall and swung wildly around hoping to hit the man. Dawn stood with the pitchfork, her eyes trying to focus through the smoke-filled barn. Horses were running and dust was mixing with smoke.

She whispered to herself, “Uncle, how could you have done such a thing to me.”


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