Be the best you can.

Snow Storm

Inspiration is a wonderful thing. Where do we get inspiration? Remember when we were little and had to use scissors and cut something out of paper?

Remember when our teachers walked up and down the isles and watched us cutting along the lines?

There was an object printed or drawn on a sheet of paper and it was the students’ task to cut it out. We had to be precise and cut along the line.

Well, there were always a couple of girls in my class who could cut with absolute precision. They cut right on the line.

The teacher would glare at me when I “overcut” or missed the mark.

Then the teacher would inevitably select the best in the class and show everybody that perfection is within our grasp.

The teacher would usually glare down at me and say, “See this?”

I know the teacher was trying to inspire me, but I’m not sure it did in the way she intended.   My teacher wanted to teach me to be the best, so I excelled at being the best poorest example in the class.  I was good at something.

(above image:  Hunting in a snow storm, oil on canvas, ©2005)


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